Abertis retains its listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the sixth year running

Sept. 8, 2011 | Abertis Foundation

The results of the 2011 review confirm that abertis, for the sixth year running, has retained its listing on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World.

Once again, abertis has been given a score above the average for the three aspects analysed: economic, environmental and social. The company achieved the top score for its commitment to interest groups, as well as in the climate change strategy and operational eco-efficiency categories. The DJSI World review will take effect from 19 September.

For its 2011 Review, DJSI World, which lists the top 10% of companies throughout the world with the best corporate sustainability criteria, sent invitations to 2,500 companies, of which 342 were finally selected.

abertis‘ presence on this international sustainability index is the result of the Group’s continuous work and the efforts and resources aimed at maintaining the advances achieved in its sustainable activities, as well as the development of good business practices in the economic, social and environmental fields. abertis‘ actions in this respect are structured by its Strategic Social Responsibility Plan which is implemented in its different business divisions.

As a reflection of its commitment to the environment and to its various interest groups, abertis supports the abertis foundation. The main objective of the foundation is to study the impact of infrastructures on the land.

For further information on the results of the 2011 Review, please go to the following website

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