UNESCO-Abertis Centre joins forces with UAB

Nov. 16, 2016 | Abertis Foundation

  • A further example of the Abertis Foundation’s commitment to the environment and the academic realm.
  • The MSc will be delivered at Castellet Castle.

The Abertis Foundation and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, or UAB for short) have set up a Campus for Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves at the UAB. The new campus is attached to the UNESCO International Centre on Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves based at Castellet Castle (Barcelona), which is in turn the headquarters of the Abertis Foundation. These new synergies stem from the desire to create a forum for research, information, awareness and innovation within the realm of Mediterranean Biospheres Reserves.
The agreement was signed by Salvador Alemany, chairman of Abertis and of the Abertis Foundation, and by Margarita Arboix, president of the UAB, and envisages close collaboration between both institutions in developing projects relating to reserves and organising research and training activities related to the degree in environmental sciences and the master’s degree in environmental, economic and social sustainability. The agreement also contemplates academic events and presentations of end-of-course theses, and seeks to facilitate the exchange of students between different universities from Mediterranean countries.
The UNESCO International Centre based at Castellet (Barcelona) has been tasked with coordinating the Network of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves, which, comprising sixty reserves across no less than fifteen different Mediterranean countries, aims to establish and promote dialogue, cooperation and the exchange of knowledge and experiences between these protected spaces.

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