The International UNESCO Centre of the Abertis Foundation takes part in the UNESCO’s workshop to define the Geneva Action Plan

April 10, 2018 | Abertis Foundation

ICTA-UAB researcher Roser Maneja, from the Conservation, Biodiversity and Global Change group attended the Geneva Lake Workshop, organized in Lausanne (Switzerland) by UNESCO. Roser Maneja was invited as representative of the International Centre for the Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves, one of the UNESCO Category 2 Centers (C2Cs). The workshop developed the discussions held in Geneva during the Conference ‘Mobilizing UNESCO Chairs in the Natural Sciences for Policy Action towards the 2030 Agenda’ (5-7 July 2017) and on the ‘Geneva Milestone’ outcome document endorsed on that occasion.

The Workshop aimed at fostering joint reflections and identifying the most pertinent actions needed in order to put in practice the ‘Geneva Milestone’ recommendations, elaborate a follow-up strategy that reflects the needs and perspectives of both UNESCO and its network of Chairs, and promote stronger collaborations with, and ownership of, the latter on the whole follow-up process.

The Workshop was also be the occasion to build the UNESCO Chairs’ capacities on how to communicate science and all activities linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda to the general public / international organizations / Members States, via presentations by communication experts from their project partners’ institutions. 

The Workshop contributed to ensure the finalization of the Geneva Action Plan and to identify, in collaboration with selected representatives of the UNESCO Chairs, UNITWIN Networks and C2Cs in the Natural Sciences, one priority action for each area of intervention, to be considered as first, concrete steps for the implementation of the Geneva Action Plan. 

The second result of the workshop is the validation of a project proposal aiming to develop a Communication and Outreach Platform, whose objective would be to support UNESCO scientific networks, including UNESCO Chairs, UNITWIN Networks and C2Cs related to the Natural Sciences Sector, to better network and communicate their academic and scientific expertise for the implementation of the SDGs.

The priorities identified in the framework of the finalization of the Geneva Action Plan, including the will to develop a Communication and Outreach Platform, will contribute to a stronger cooperation within the UNESCO Science Family and to a reinforced contribution to the 2030 Agenda.

 The Geneva Action Plan will be shared for consultation and validation internally, as well as with the project partners and with all participants to the Geneva Lake Workshop. Once validated, the document will be shared with all UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Networks in the Natural Sciences for feedbacks, as well as with the UNESCO Education Sector and with all Focal Points dedicated to the UNESCO Chairs in the Natural Sciences Sector.

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