The Mediterranean
Biosphere Reserves Network

The Network of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves (MedBR) was created and set into motion on the 19th of June 2015. This initiative is the driving aim of the Centre, enabling it to act as a platform for the exchange of knowledge between the two shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Network was designed with the basis of a long-term programme that, through the UNESCO MaB Programme, integrates the application of the Madrid and Lima Action Plans, paying particular attention to the uniqueness of the cultural, social and environmental context of each region.

There are currently around 70 Biosphere Reserves from 15 countries (Algeria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, Portugal and Tunisia) in the BRMed, and although the number of BR annexed to the Network can be variable, the following link contains the most up-to-date information (link)

The main goal of the Network is to provide support and relevance to every Biosphere Reserve within the BRMed. In this direction, the UNESCO International Centre for Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves works on the creation of monographic material about each of the Biosphere Reserves in the Network, in order to raise awareness of their most characteristic sociocultural and environmental values (you can find the available material in the Online Catalogue).

Documentation centre

The Documentation Centre handles a documentary archive of academic, technical and general interest material on Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves. The idea is to establish the service as a living space where knowledge is continually stored, revised and updated.

To date, more than 220 documents have already been catalogued and made available to the public (at the UNESCO International Centre for Med BR) and can be viewed virtually (via the Online Catalogue).

All the files can be fully consulted. However, in order to access them a request needs to be sent in advance to the Centre’s official email address:



Date of declaration

Surface areas (hectares)


Member reserves of the Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves Network

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