University Campus

On the 3d of November 2016, the Abertis Foundation and the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) signed an agreement to create the International University Campus for Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves.

The aim of the Campus is to be used as a platform for the fostering and development of interdisciplinary research and innovation on social and environmental aspects of Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves.

The University Campus is currently receiving bachelor degree students, MA students from the ICTA-UAB Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies on Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability (María de Maeztu Masters of Excellence) and PhD students. In addition, the Centre is open to new academic and scientific proposals related with matters of interest to the Network of MedBR.

Its goals are as follows:

1. The organisation of research and educational activities related to academic activities.

2. To promote the scientific research done within the Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves.

3. To connect scientific and academic contents of the different territories with their local stakeholders.

4. To respond any research demands from the MedBR.

5. To give tutoring of degrees, masters and PhD projects that focus on the main topics of the MedBR.




Photographies of the ICTA-UAB Master's Seminar on Mediterranean Biosphere Reserves.

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